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Ralph Parkison Hosted by Ralph Parkison
Computer Technology Made Simple, and Answers to Your Questions in Plain English.
On air from 5:00 PM Pacific to 6:00 PM Pacific
Program gives help and advice to small businesses and individuals to insure safety and security of their computer resources.

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Phil Grande Hosted by Phil Grande
"I'll tell you what Wall Street doesn't want you to know!"
On air from 6:00 PM Pacific to 7:00 PM Pacific
Phil Grande is the "off the Wall" Street maverick! As the creator and host of Stock Talk! Phil coined the phrase "I'll tell you what Wall Street doesn't want you to know!" Phil Grande has been a successful entrepreneur all his life, being recognized in 1987 as the "Entrepreneur of the Year in the United States" by the then big six accounting firm Arthur Young, and Venture Magazine.

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