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AAR Daily Defense LogoArmed American Radio Daily Defense with Mark Walters


Explore the current events that relate to our rights and freedoms but rarely, if ever make the national news. Focusing on the current events of each day as they pertain to our freedoms and the well-funded attacks against them, Mark is able to explore topics that matter to every American.

Show topics include but are not limited to:

Constitutional Rights
The Politics of Guns
Safety and Training Issues
Political Efforts to Infringe on Your Freedoms
Gun-Grabber Groups and Their Lies
New Products
Living a Concealed Carry Lifestyle
Concealed Carry Techniques and Methods
Grilling While Armed
And Everything Else Related to Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Host Mark Walters makes absolutely NO apologies for defending your freedoms and your GOD-GIVEN right to defend yourself and your family, a right so eloquently enshrined in our Constitution. The 2nd Amendment IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE.

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