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The Kristen Hagopian Show

Live a Luxurious Life, for Less!

Sunday 2:00 am 3:00 am

The Kristen Hagopian Show is a money-saving, time-saving, sanity-saving Show that takes a (often humorous) glimpse each week into the life of Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, Syndicated Columnist, busy wife & Mom, Kristen Hagopian.  Sharing dozens of easy, proven strategies on how to live a luxurious life without breaking the bank, Kristen enjoys connecting with the tens of millions in her listening area each week with advice on slashing spending for food, clothing, home improvement Projects, raising kids, buying cars, beautiful vacations, and much more.  Don’t miss her popular weekly interviews with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Washington D.C., and everywhere in between – you’d be amazed how some of the biggest names out there once had to stretch a buck!   Kristen’s take-no prisoners (and no debt!) attitude & approach are a fabulous breath of fresh air for hard-working Americans looking to get more for their money.

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